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Mind, Spirit, Heart

Welcome to T.H.R.I.V.E.
Women's Retreat
nspire, Value and Evolve

At T.H.R.I.V.E., we believe that true wellness comes from a holistic approach to self-care. Our empowering Women's Retreat serves busy women seeking wellness, fitness, relaxation, empowerment, mentorship and life coaching. We offer a variety of services, including yoga, meditation, massage therapy, chakra balancing, and fitness training. Join us for a transformative experience by the sea and discover the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Welcome to T.H.R.I.V.E. – the ultimate women's retreat experience in the Riviera Maya that will help you achieve holistic wellness. Recent data shows that vacations aren't always as relaxing as we expect them to be, as stress levels can remain high even after returning to work. That's why we offer a serene setting and travel experiences that align with your wellness goals and priorities, giving you the chance to truly unwind and rejuvenate.

Jacqueline Batchelder

Meet Your Host

Jacqueline Batchelder is a former owner/operator of BodyFitH.O.P.E. a fitness center for women only operating since 2003. Author of HOPE Fitness. National Board-Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, and a certified Yoga Instructor.


Jacqueline a fitness trainer, dates back to the early 80’s as an instructor and trainer for Jane Fonda's fitness studio where her list of students and clients included celebrities such as Sharon Gless, Shirlee Fonda and even Jane herself.  Jackie also had a following of students from other fitness studios such as Kevin Bacon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Paula Abdul, Chynna Phillips, Christy Turlington, and the late Juliete Prowse.

Jacqueline has added to her repertoire, the practice of massage therapy, Yoga and Meditation. Jacqueline is a National Board-Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor. Jacqueline’s passion is helping others meet their personal excellence. She believes her training in movement and manual therapy, and a deep passion for combating the pain epidemic that plague this country is her calling. A five -time first place finisher in the Boston and NYC Triathlon, she hopes that in the absence of pain she will return year after year competing in Olympic distance Triathlons. So, whether it's a Triathlon you are training for or simply moving pain-free, Jacqueline will help you reach your goals. 

With the efficiency of what technology brings, the ability to relax is needed more than ever! With the experience and knowledge of operating a women's only gym and numerous retreats for the YMCA in Massachusetts and for Jane Fonda's celebrity friends in Santa Barbara, Jacqueline was inspired to host an affordable, all-inclusive Women's Retreat in her vacation home in the Riviera Maya.


“Rest and Relaxation are necessities, Not Luxuries." -Jacqueline

BodyFitH.O.P.E. Body Worker (

Meet our experienced chef Ava Espiritu who has traveled the world and mastered various culinary dishes. With years of experience under her belt, she brings unique and global perspective to our kitchen. Come and taste the flavors of the world with us!

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